Gaspard Bucher is a Swiss artist, father of four children, living in the Alps and active in the fields of performance art, electronic music, creative coding and body work.

He tries to feed both his left and right brain hemispheres with a balance of highly technical projects and aesthetic, perceptive activities (music, massage therapy, yoga).

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Articles on medium (in french mostly).

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”

— George Sand



Gaspard Bucher received a bachelor in fine arts from ECAV in 2001, the Swiss Art Awards in 2005 and created more then 20 performance and theatrical projects.

He is also trained as massage therapist and is currently receiving training in ostheopathic-shiatsu.


We are explorers of life...

Music, visuals, dance and other forms of art can be used to remind us of the marvels of being alive.

Every grown up is a kid waiting to be awaken.

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